The basic English language for Adults(ESOL)
TESOL Online 2023

Hello! Welcome everybody.

My name is Kenza Ladjal and I am a qualified teacher. In this online course,  I am going to deliver English lessons to adult beginners. You will learn the basics of the English language. We will have listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills along with grammar and vocabulary lessons. In each lesson, you will learn about different topics. In addition to that you will acquire more about grammar rules and the use of vocabulary according to the topic. You will practice each topic with different tasks and challenges. I will help you acquire the basics to achieve your goal. I am excited to have you as my student in this wonderful language-learning journey.

Thank you

Basic English Communication for Speakers of Other Languages
TESOL Online 2023

The six-week online learning experience provides speakers of other languages with basic knowledge of English communication and opportunities to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The online modules will cover topics of conversation from introducing oneself, working at home, going to school, shopping at the market, browsing in a store, and visiting the park.

TESOL Online Academic Writing
TESOL Online 2023

Academic writing courses are for adult students who study English in an EFL context, especially for students studying for succeeding in college. The students deal with grammatical topics which is important for writing skills and it has topics related to paragraphs, elements of paragraphs, and the writing process. Fundamental of Academic Writing teaches students writing skills necessary for college success, with a primary focus on grammar and composition. Among the many other writing-centered activities we’ll engage in, this class requires students to practice brainstorming, free-writing, sentence construction (in the context of short academic writing assignments), paragraph construction, the organization of ideas, and the several types of, purposes of, and audiences for general paragraphs. Students will build on these basic skills by planning, writing, and revising paragraphs, and experiencing writing and reading as a multi-step process. As an added bonus, students will also learn the process and value of peer-to-peer editing, punctuation marks, and capitalization rules.  They will be able to work on basic reflective writing.