• Teachers Teaching Teachers Online Courses for Free provides teachers with a free platform develop and teach online in blended and fully online programs using Moodle learning management system. 

    Teachers Teaching Teachers is affiliated with Integrating Technology and Moodle for Teachers are self-funded projects founded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch (see Linkedin) in 2009 in order to bring free online professional development to educators in developing and developed countries for blended and fully online programs worldwide. Check her Youtube channel for more. The programs include two 3-day online conferences called CO09-24 in February and MMVC11-24 in August, workshops, 6 online courses, 7 EVO courses in January - February, and two one month long MOOCs, Moodle MOOC in May and Virtual Worlds MOOC in August. 

    You're invited to use ChatGPT Integrating Technology Assistant, a GPT developed by Nelly Deutsch, for free. 

    Moodle is more than a Learning Management System. Moodle is a social team-based peer learning environment that is completely free for all learners around the world. You can learn what Moodle does and how it enables engaging activities on Moodle for Teachers free online professional development academy for educators worldwide. Take a look at the courses available.

    Moodle for Teachers, on how to teach online with Moodle, provides free Moodle training for teachers, technology coordinators at schools and businesses, and ICT leaders around the world. There are 3 Moodle training courses available to teachers who wish to learn about Moodle activities, resources, and blocks; teachers who wish to develop their very own online courses; and administrators who want to manage a Moodle site. All the courses offer practical hands-on activities to practice the skills. 

    You're invited to use ChatGPT Integrating Technology Assistant, a GPT developed by Nelly Deutsch to gain a better understanding on how to use technology for instruction and learning, for free. 
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