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Available courses

The basic English language for Adults(ESOL)
TESOL Online 2023

Hello! Welcome everybody.

My name is Kenza Ladjal and I am a qualified teacher. In this online course,  I am going to deliver English lessons to adult beginners. You will learn the basics of the English language. We will have listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills along with grammar and vocabulary lessons. In each lesson, you will learn about different topics. In addition to that you will acquire more about grammar rules and the use of vocabulary according to the topic. You will practice each topic with different tasks and challenges. I will help you acquire the basics to achieve your goal. I am excited to have you as my student in this wonderful language-learning journey.

Thank you

Basic English Communication for Speakers of Other Languages
TESOL Online 2023

The six-week online learning experience provides speakers of other languages with basic knowledge of English communication and opportunities to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The online modules will cover topics of conversation from introducing oneself, working at home, going to school, shopping at the market, browsing in a store, and visiting the park.

TESOL Online Academic Writing
TESOL Online 2023

Academic writing courses are for adult students who study English in an EFL context, especially for students studying for succeeding in college. The students deal with grammatical topics which is important for writing skills and it has topics related to paragraphs, elements of paragraphs, and the writing process. Fundamental of Academic Writing teaches students writing skills necessary for college success, with a primary focus on grammar and composition. Among the many other writing-centered activities we’ll engage in, this class requires students to practice brainstorming, free-writing, sentence construction (in the context of short academic writing assignments), paragraph construction, the organization of ideas, and the several types of, purposes of, and audiences for general paragraphs. Students will build on these basic skills by planning, writing, and revising paragraphs, and experiencing writing and reading as a multi-step process. As an added bonus, students will also learn the process and value of peer-to-peer editing, punctuation marks, and capitalization rules.  They will be able to work on basic reflective writing.

Developing Learning Habits
Individual Courses

Effective learning habits are essential for school and future careers. Participants of the session will learn about Personal Competency: A Framework for Building Students' Capacity to Learn by and develop effective learning habits that engage and motivate students to make good use of their time in and out of class. 

H5P - Create Advanced H5Ps for your courses
Individual Courses

How to create Advanced H5P activities such as Question Sets, Course Presentation, Columns and Interactive Books for your learning environment.  Learn hands-on in collaboration with other teachers and educational professionals.

Elizabeth Eiras-Vieira and Andrea Arfini provide this course.

Creative Writing Boost
Individual Courses

A unique, collaborative, online experience to help English Language Teachers overcome their fear of writing creatively by acquiring the knowledge and skills to share personal stories in the classroom.

Flexible Course Design to Strengthen Learner's Resilience
Individual Courses

A 4-week Online Course addresses the issue of learning gaps and improve the learning outcomes by combining synchronous methods and asynchronous methods to enable the learner to easily shift between online and in-person learning. This course is meant for pre service and in service teachers teaching any class and any subject from Grade 6 onwards till university level. It will amplify the effectiveness of learning and hence takes care of the growing demand for quality education locally and globally.

Designing an Adaptable Course
Individual Courses

A 4-week Online Course addresses the issue of learning gaps and improve the learning outcomes by combining synchronous methods and asynchronous methods to enable the learner to easily shift between online and in-person learning. This course is meant for pre service and in service teachers teaching any class and any subject from Grade 6 onwards till university level. It will amplify the effectiveness of learning and hence takes care of the growing demand for quality education locally and globally.

English for adult learners - beginners
Individual Courses

The course is meant for adult learners without prior knowledge of English

Make yourself understood! - Let's boost your speaking skill!
Individual Courses

This is a 6-week course which will help you improve your speaking skills. The course is for young adults and adults whose English is as at the A2 or B1 level according to the CEFR or at the preintermediate - intermediate level. 

Online Course Development Support
Individual Courses

Online Course Development Support (OCDS) is a free online course for teachers of every age group and subject area. Registration is available on Moodle for Teachers Professional Development Programs https://integrating-technology.org/enrol/index.php?id=268

Speak & Write in English - Juniors’ First Steps
Individual Courses

"Speak & Write in English - Juniors' First Steps" is a course aimed at young learners who have already studied English for a year or so and are interested in developing their speaking and writing skills. The course can supplement any course for Juniors or be taken on its own to enhance language learning as well as promote learners' overall skills with emphasis on speaking and writing. The learning journey is designed to be engaging and fun and leads to fluency.

Self-Care for Educators
Individual Courses

The human touch is critical to our wellbeing. In times of social distancing, online virtual meetings may seem to provide an alternative to face-to-face communication, but there are many challenges. Participants of self-care for educators with mindfulness awareness practice will develop and strengthen a growth mindset to help face life and work challenges with a caring attitude to themselves, th people they love and care for and their students. 

Teaching EFL to L1 Arabic Speakers
Individual Courses

The specific challenges which L1 Arabic speakers meet when studying EFL are not always fully understood by non-Arabic speaking instructors. While complete understanding of a language requires high levels of proficiency and fluency, this brief course aims to provide a few key concepts for teachers to keep in mind.

Teaching English through Drama
Individual Courses

This WHOLLY ON-LINE 6 week course covers the theory behind using Drama to teach a language. More importantly it offers practical applications and activities for excellent classroom management; breathing, body and mime techniques, voice and pronunciation exercises and in the last two weeks, language games for relaxation, concentration and fluency. 

The Job Search Process- A Low Intermediate ESL Course
Individual Courses

This course is designed for low intermediate English language learners with a CLB level 5 proficiency to provide an understanding of the job search process. There are six sections:

Upcycle Learning and Resources
Individual Courses

UpCycle: Lessons & Resources is a four-week course. Participants will use technology to plan and prepare for effective learning and teaching. In discussion and practice, you'll encourage inquiry thinking and a growth mindset.

Worksheet for the series Young Sheldon. Episode 1
Individual Courses

This course consists of a worksheet for  episode 1 of the series Young Sheldon. 

Skill level A2-B1

Workshop: Blended and Blended Online Learning
Individual Courses

The training took place on Moodle and on ZOOM from October 29 to November 30, 2021. The focus was on how to use Moodle (tips and tricks), Zoom (tips and tricks) and how to manage students in synchronous and asynchronous environments for in-person and at distance learning. The workshop content includes theoretical and practical hands-on tasks for individual and team collaboration.

Healing In Education: Integrating Trauma-Healing to Education for Learners with Traumatic Experiences".
Individual Courses

This course will focus on the importance of integrating the 'trauma-healing' context in education, participants will learn about the terms, healing, 'trauma healing', recognizing and defining 'learners with traumatic experiences', and how to support learners with traumatic experiences in the education context. This course is designed by Gökçe Gök (Türkiye) for TESOL (Teaching English Speakers of Other Languages) International Association's EVO (Electronic Village Online) 2023 Project.

Individual Courses


to your


This course is a hyflex, hybrid course.  You will do interactive activities online. In this course, you will learn English for living and working in Canada. The Language skills 👂🏼Listening, 🗣 Speaking, 📖 Reading and ✍🏼⌨ Writing in English for everyday life. 

Your learning is enabled and blended with technology. You can practice your English skills in and after class anytime and anywhere. Enjoy your time here! I hope you learn a lot about Canada and English!

This course adheres to LINC, CLB, PBLA, TELL AND Blended Learning best practices.

Language Awareness for Teachers
Individual Courses

Abstract: The Language Awareness Module is one of the core components of the Trinity CertTESOL. This course will allow teachers to learn about the subject matter of the course as described in the CertTESOL syllabus.

Audience: Trainees enrolled on the CertTESOL course at Instituto Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz English.

Course duration: 8 weeks

Copyright Image: "Language diversity" by TobiasMik · WhatWeDo is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

English A1.1
Individual Courses

Learn practical, everyday, modern English here!

Academic Writing
Individual Courses

The art of academic writing is crucial for social scientists, especially those who are keen to pursue their careers in academics and research. Ideally, it is expected for scholars who have enrolled in a Ph.D. programme to develop academic writing skills as they progress through their programme. However, this seldom is noticed, as most scholars are preoccupied with the technicalities of the research process.

This course will assist scholars to build their academic writing abilities and subsequently be able to write and publish research papers. 

"I write to discover what I know."
                     -Flannery O'Connor

Communicate with Confidence
Individual Courses

Communicate with Confidence is a 4-week online course that consists of different conversation topics to help language learners develop confidence in what they will learn. The course contains different speaking tasks to ensure learners maximize their opportunity to develop confident conversation skills.

All of the sessions are based on general topics of common interest so that learners can relate them to their own experiences and express their opinions, thoughts, and feelings as well as explore grammar and vocabulary related to the topics.

True Beginners
Individual Courses

This is the True Beginners Course.

😀Let's have fun learning English!😀
English Communication for Psychologists
Individual Courses

The aim of this course is to help mental health practitioners improve their communication skills in English. We will work on your speaking and writing skills, as well as on your vocabulary. The course will give you confidence to talk to your clients, as well as to your colleagues.

The course contains both synchronous and asynchronous elements and is highly adaptable to your personal needs. I hope that together we will build a community where we will be able to use English to communicate with each other, practise our English and share experiences.

Introduction to Reading History - Hakan T.
Individual Courses
HIS101, Introduction to Reading History is designed to develop the academic language and academic skills needed by students in the History Department. In this regard, the aim of this course is to acquaint the students with the topics, themes and terminology of English-written texts and articles as well as papers written about the topics related to History and to teach how to analyse a written texts and other sources. The reading texts are accompanied by speaking tasks and vocabulary building tasks. Also, the course aims to equip the students with the necessary academic speaking and presentation skills. Enhancing higher-order thinking skills such as reasoning, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating ideas and judgements will be emphasized in the course. Although the class includes integrated skills, it will mainly focus on reading and speaking skills.
EVO24 - Creating Basic H5Ps For Your Teaching Context Collaboratively
Collaborative Courses

This is the first Basic H5P4T-EVO (Basic H5P For Teachers by Teachers) session. 

The goal of the Basic H5P4T-EVO24 session is to introduce the participants to Creative Commons and to credit one's work, and other people's work.   To introduce participants to Moodle H5P activity chooser, the content bank, H5P interactive content activity option and  https://app.lumi.education/ website for creating and sharing e-activities for their learning environment. Lumi education also has a downloadable App you can use to create H5Ps offline on your own desktop.

The participants will use the Lumi Education website to share their creations with others worldwide, with other teachers and students if they wish.  

When participants complete the requirements for the first week, they will receive a course at Teachers Teaching Teachers Online Courses for Free or onlinecourses4free.com, where they will create H5Ps for four weeks within Moodle that can be used for face-to-face, blended (hybrid) or (hyflex), and fully online programs. 

In the course provided to participants, they will create H5Ps for their learners. They will develop activities they can use in their class. It would be beneficial and advisable to take the Moodle for Teachers - Learn to Teach Online course to get the most out of this course or an equivalent.  This is a hands-on, collaborative course.  Participants will be enrolled in each other's courses and test and provide feedback so that everyone can maximize their learning experience with the different H5P activity types that will be learned and practised during Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Elizabeth Eiras-Vieira and Andrea Arfini provide this course.

Letters Make Words
Moodle MOOC 23

"Letters Make Words" is an exciting course that helps young learners transition from recognizing letters to mastering sight words. The course focuses on developing oral language, letter knowledge, and print motivation to build print awareness and writing skills. These skills will enhance comprehension and vocabulary, which are essential for lifelong readers. The lessons are fun and engaging, incorporating songs, stories, and writing resources to introduce new vocabulary to learners. This is the beginning journey that will improve your child's literacy skills.