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Introduction Support Forum

This Forum is meant for queries and suggestions.

Introduction Forum



          Answer the following questions in the discussion forum:

  •   Introduce yourself.
  • Mention your expectation from this course. 
Begin with a Backward Design Reflect on Backward Design

Answer the following:

     1. Have you incorporated Backward Design in your lesson plans?

     2. What challenges did you face while such incorporation?

Creating a Mix Map Forum for Reflection on Mix map

  Continuing with your already created G-Doc, create a mix map for the lesson plan / unit / course keeping in view that there is a balance in synchronous and asynchronous  activities that comply with learning objectives.

Alternative Assessments Reflect on Assessments

Answer the following questions:

1. 'Summative Assessments are not complementary to formative assessments'. Do you agree? Justify.

2. Summative assessments are outdated as generic skills cannot be evaluated- the need of the hour is to have only  Alternative Assessments. Elaborate in 5 sentences....

Showcasing of designs Forum for showcasing
  •  The participants will create a power point presentation of their course design.
  •  Explain  its contents by self recording it using a screen recorder like screen cast o matic.
  • Upload it on you tube or vimeo and post its link on the forum.
  • Respond to one other participant.