1. Abstract

Good learning habits facilitate lifelong learning. In this session, participants will learn about, develop, and learn how to implement effective learning habits that engage and motivate students to make good use of their time in and out of class.  They will develop personal student competency charts to facilitate the process. They will use technology tools such as Kahoot Challenge, Quizlet, and Curation walls to enforce and sustain learning. The session is based on personal competency framework (PCF) capacity for student to develop effective learning habits in and out of school. As teachers, we want to see students develop learning habits that will facilitate their school learning period and future careers. The session is based on Learning Habits in Personalization by Sam Redding and Janet Twyman, Personal Competency: A Framework for Building Students' Capacity to Learn and the work of Dr. Angela Duckworth and Dr. Katy Milkman.