Topic outline

  • In this section, you learn about different interview questions and interview techniques. You will also demonstrate how to answer questions during an interview.

    Here are the activities that you will complete this week.

    1.      Answer the two questions posted in the forum for this week and respond to one of your classmates’ posts.

    2.      Watch a video about doing an interview and answer the related questions.

    3.      Meet with your group for 20-30 mins and brainstorm possible questions you might get in an interview. You can also talk about how you might answer these questions.  You will meet at a specific time using Jitsi. This will be hosted and recorded by the group leader.

    4.      Do an interview. Pretend you are doing an interview for a job you have applied for.  You will answer pre-set interview questions, record yourself answering the questions and submit/upload the video.

    5.      Reflect on what you have learned this week, including new words that you have learned, in the Reflection section.


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