• Say hello to your fellow participants! (Week 1)

    Tell us a few words about yourself:

    • What is your name?
    • What is your profession?
    • What are your interests and hobbies?
    • What are your expectations regarding this course? What would you like to achieve? 
    • Share whatever you would like to say about yourself.

    You can present yourself in two ways. You can write about  yourself in the discussion forum, or you can use a recording feature and record your audio or video. There are two tutorials how to make a recording and share it in the course.

    Please click the blue letters for the tutorial how to make the recording in this text editor or how to make a video with Screencast-o-matic, a free tool. 

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    • If you face any problem or difficulty, for example, how to make a post, or add your video or audio, or anything that is related to the course, feel free to write it here. Your experience can help other course participants so do not hesitate to share your concerns in this support forum. 

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      So far you have probably presented yourselves, added more details to your profile, had the chance to "meet" other participants of the course, read the course overview and started to create a picture what you will do in the course of the 6 weeks.

      Maybe you have some doubts if you can make it, in other words: will you be successful?   

      To deal with this dilemma, I suggest to think of the GROW model which can help you prioritize obligations, tasks, plan time, and in the end, help you reach your goal, that is become confident speaker of English. 

                                                                                              The GROW model:

                                                                                                     set the GOALS

                                                                                                   face the REALITY

                                                                                                examine OBSTACLES/

                                                                                            explore  OPPORTUNITIES

                                                                           and define what you WILL do or the WAY FORWARD

      It seems clear and easy, but let's have a closer look.

      Setting the goal - don't make them to general, for example, "I will start to speak more". Define specific things you can learn and complete in a specific amount of time, for example, "I will try to describe two objects every day, in, at least, 5 sentences, during the first week of the course" or "I will speak to my best friend in English during the lunch break". Maybe these suggestions do not seem grand, but if you define your "small" goals you will be happy, satisfied and proud of yourselves when you achieve them. That will boost your confidence and help you go on, trying more challenging things. For each part of the learning path, define some specific activities in a defined amount of time. That will keep you on track. 

      Facing the reality - maybe you have made a perfect plan that you will devote two or three hours to the course each day of the week. It seems impressive, but is it possible? Have you calculated how much time you are, let's say, at work, or how much time do you spend going back home from work? Have you calculated time for your regular shopping or things you have to do around the house? If you have a family, maybe you have to pick up children from school? 
      In other words, plan carefully what is truly possible. Allocating shorter amount of time, for example, three times a week could be more manageable. Try to stick to the plan!  

      Examining obstacles/ exploring opportunities - unfortunately, even with the best of plans, things may go wrong. To prevent that and save you from unnecessary frustration, when planning your study time, think of the reality we mentioned above: try to anticipate (imagine what can happen) things outside the course, that can slow you down, bad wifi connection, for example, maybe you can use the ethernet connection. If your roommates or family members are too noisy when you want to record your speaking, negotiate the quiet time. To make audio recording tasks pleasant and motivating, decide on the digital tool which you like best.  

      Way forward - there are always many paths to reach a destination, but you choose those which work for you. If you see the progress, stick to those activities and strategies that help you build confidence and motivate you most.  

      And good luck!  Or to use an English expression: Break a leg!

      Do share some of you thoughts, what is your strategy, what you experience as the biggest problem when planning the course work, what are your ideas how to sort out those problems.