• Know! Learn! Share!

    This week, in Part 2 of the course, participants continue examining the research discussion from Part 1: Introductions

    Using the background you gained, last week in Part 1, through the reading of provided research that relates to 

    1. divergent thinking and 
    2. upcycling in the classroom, 
    3. the discovery of related research, as well as your 
    4. discussions that you participated in, you are ready to:
    Construct a brief record and Discuss 
        • What Upcycling looks like in your classroom and
        • How you plan to encourage divergent thinking and inquiry.

    • Learn and practice the metacognitive skills around this topic.
    • Compare and Contrast the benefits and challenges of using upcycling in the classroom. 
      • Differentiate the effect of the benefits in the classroom.
      • Differentiate the effect of the challenges in the classroom.

    • Design an activity, based on any of these models:
      • Inquiry
      • Problem
      • Project

    • Create a DIY design video describing or explaining your planned activity. 
    • Share the DIY design video that you create in Padlet. 
    • Review at least one other DIY design video

    To prepare the Part 3 materials for next week, you will:

    Select and write a material list for your activity, based on your designthat demonstrates "best practice" of effective learning with

    1. "Upcycled Learning", 
    2. "Created with Low Resources", 
    3. "DIY Lesson and Activity Design", and effective
    4. "Learning Strategies"

    • Start discussions: 1 Post replies: 1 Receive a grade

      • Discuss what you do in YOUR classroom, specifically how you 
        • Upcycle Learning, 
        • Create with Low Resources, and 
        • Name your favorite "Learning Strategies". 

      Create ONE discussion forum page. Use it to provide an analysis of these topics, using a compare/contrast or some similar type of strategy.

      Be respectful and thoughtful in your responses to others. 

      Consider your answers, you will have some time to edit if you want. 

      Ask this question: Is this how would I want someone to discuss my work? 

      You must reply to at least one other participant, in their discussion area. Your reply to a participant must

      • be relevant and 
      • be on the Evaluation level of Bloom's Taxonomy for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.
      You may agree (or disagree), BUT you MUST EXPLAIN WHY. When you DISCUSS, you are redefining and expanding your ideas and your colleagues' ideas on the Evaluation level of thinking.

    • forum icon
      Benefits and Challenges in the Classroom Forum

      Consider the benefits and challenges in the classroom 

      When you consider each of these aspects: 

      1. "Upcycle Learning", 
      2. "Create with Low Resources", and effectively develop  
      3. "Learning Strategies"

      of creating and teaching in a freshly intensified and enhanced manner of learning, you will compare and contrast the benefits and challenges you have experienced or might encounter.

      Answer these discussion points.

      • Create ONE discussion forum. Use it to provide a summary of YOUR ANALYSIS of the benefits and challenges in the classroom.
      You must reply to at least two (2) other participants, in their discussion area. Your replies to each participant must: 

      • be relevant and 
      • Compare your discussion points and
      • Contrast your discussion points

      You may agree (or disagree), BUT you MUST EXPLAIN WHY.

      Not available unless: The activity Discuss How You Upcycle Resources and Lessons in YOUR teaching is marked complete