• Introduction

    This course is aimed at teachers looking for new and interesting ways to motivate both themselves and their learners to write more creatively in English.

    • Watch this video to meet the trainer and get a short introduction to the course.

      <a real course introduction video will be added soon>


    • Make a self-introduction video and post it in the form.

      Tell us:

      Your name.


      English language proficiency.


      Years of experience.

      Technology proficiency.

      Reading experience.

      Writing experience.

      Creative writing experience.

      Expectations of the course.

      <tutor self-introduction video will be added here>

    • Think about your writing experience in English. 

      Has it been easy or difficult? Do you write regularly? And do you share your writing with others?

      Please write out your responses in this personal diary. 

      This work is not monitored so write freely and fully.

    • If you have a question and you cannot find the answer in the FAQ document, please post it here.