• Week 1 . Introduction



    1.   Participants will Be introduced to each other, the layout of the course TEFL,  to screen recorders in order to create video tutorials, and the platform  Voki. 
    2.  Sign up for free account on

         3.  Discuss foreign language  teaching in the classroom and its challenges reflecting their own knowledge and                      experience .  


    • Support forum

      Please  use this forum to ask questions and add comments.

      • Introduce yourself with  a Voki Avatar with the following details.Share the link and reply one participant.

        https://voki.com https 

        What is your name?

        Where are you from?

        How long have you been teaching English?

        What age groups do you teach?

        what challenges have you faced when teaching English as a foreign language?

    • Answer the following question in the discussion forum:

      What are the challenges of teaching English as a foreign language?